Quick Condolence is the result of a personal experience that left it’s founders unsettled with the online condolence process.

It originated in the Spring of 2012, when Eric received and email from a colleague explaining the husband of one of his former coworkers unexpectedly died. The information came with a shock. This tragedy affected someone Eric respected a great deal and it left him with a feeling that he should do something to offer his condolences. The thought to offer support was quick and determined but the activities that followed were lost in a sea of overwhelming options and choices. As days of inactivity passed, the rest of life’s responsibilities and commitments began to consume the desire to do something meaningful until it faded beyond recognition. In the end, Eric never sent his condolence and his desire to offer support to his colleague remains unsatisfied. In an effort to prevent this from happening to others, he partnered with Adam to create

Together, Adam and Eric organized as a commitment to simplify the condolence process and make it easy for people to take immediate action.

If your intent is to do something thoughtful and caring, will help you do it quickly.

Trail sign

Our symbol is a “Trail Sign” from Scouting in the early 1900s. Often laid out in rocks, it was a trail sign that showed other hikers that you had reached the end of your trail, “Gone Home.”